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Pressurised Percolation Units Cork Kerry Limerick

Pressurised Systems installation and repair Cork, Kerry and Limerick. Your pressurised system is designed to distribute and treated wastewater by distributing it through a system of small diameter pipes. The distribution network is made up of a supply manifold and specially designed and drilled distribution pipes. The wastewater is pumped at pressure from the treatment … Read more

Rainwater Harvesting Unit Sales in Cork Kerry Limerick

Rainwater Harvesting Products, Rainwater Harvesting Units for Sale We have a large range of rainwater harvesting systems. These items are built specifically to harvest rainwater from your roof into a storage tank which supplies the water to your home. With the introduction of water charges this is now a very viable purchase for Business and … Read more

Sand Polishing Filter foundation Ireland

Foundation’s and best practices Foundation of building or the base of the building. The first thing to get right when building a home or business. Types of building, nature of soil and environmental conditions are the major reason for different types of foundation which can be used for your building. 1. Strip foundation– the most … Read more

Sewage Treatment Tanks Septic Cork

We build our Sand Polishing Filter to specification supplied by the department. We are insured and guarantee our work to the highest standards possible Sand polishing filters provide an alternative to soil on suitable sites for work. Sand Polishing Filter provides a dual function of polishing the effluent from a wastewater treatment system and disposing … Read more

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