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Rainwater Harvesting Products, Rainwater Harvesting Units for Sale

Rainwater Harvesting units for sale
Rainwater Harvesting

We have a large range of rainwater harvesting systems. These items are built specifically to harvest rainwater from your roof into a storage tank

which supplies the water to your home.

With the introduction of water charges this is now a very viable purchase for Business and Domestic Sales.

Rain water harvesting is a simple system which collects roof water cleans it and supply’s it to the house for use in the bathroom cisterns and the  washing machine, the washing machine and toilets require the majority of water used in a domestic home.

Rainwater harvesting is an excellent purchase for any individual building a house  who is aware of  the likely high water charges coming on stream in Ireland.

Rainwater Harvesting Benefits by 50{1aedf9bc4b168825926a9067bcd7cc94accaa00940f646b8dfc96111f624df82} in Ireland
Rainwater Harvesting Benefits by 50{1aedf9bc4b168825926a9067bcd7cc94accaa00940f646b8dfc96111f624df82} reduction

Simple methods are alway the most effective.

Harvesting rainwater is one of the oldest and most integrated of ways in which we can live sustainably with the enviroment. Only now is the value of water being recognised as it becomes an increasingly precious resource. We Repair and provide maintenance and installing of new Rainwater Harvesting Products. While we continue to follow the principles of rainwater harvesting, while systems have evolved, we are still top dog for the Repair and maintenance and installing of Rainwater Products.

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JV Septic Treatment Solutions Ireland example of Integrated Rainwater Harvesting in action

Integrating Rainwater Harvesting Systems

The rainwater that falls onto a building’s roof is channelled
through standard guttering and pipework. Rather than
going into the drain, the water passes through a mesh filter
to remove leaves and other debris before entering a storage tank.
When needed, this water is then automatically pumped
back into the building and is put to use in non-potable unit, such as toilet flushing, washing or commercial washdown areas.
Float level switches within the tank alert an electronic
control device to divert the mains supply should the
storage tank reach a certain level. The system will always draw on
harvested water first. This allows for a 50{1aedf9bc4b168825926a9067bcd7cc94accaa00940f646b8dfc96111f624df82} saving on water.

System variations may include the use of a header tank and
booster sets, but in essence any integrated Rainwater
Harvesting system follows the same process in its operation.

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